crazy_man's Hidden Power Breeding Program (Now with Nest Ball Treecko)

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New addition to the thread:


HP Fire Oddish -------or HP Rock Oddish
31/30/31/30/31/30 or 31/x/30/31/30/30
Modest or Timid | Chlorophyll



Just hatched:

31/10-20/30/31/30/30 Female Timid Oddish /w Chlorophyll (Friend)
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The modest one.
By the way I saw you have an Y game, do you mind if I ask for another thing? Could you also catch for me a random Skrelp in a Premier Ball? I can give you something more for the extra effort, like a second spitback or a 31 / 31 / 31 / x / 31 / 31 Grimer instead of a spitback.
I can do that.

Btw, I've been wanting to update my Skrelp to a Heal Ball for some time. If your willing to wait a little longer I can have that over a Luxury Ball if you wish.
New addition to thread:


HP Fire Grubbin-------------or HP Ice Grubbin
31/even/31/30/31/30-0----or 31/odd/31/31/31/0
--------------------------------- 31/even/30/31/31/31
Quiet or Modest | Swarm -> Levitate
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