Tons of 4 or 5 IV Porygon/Poliwag

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Porygon are Modest with a flawed IV or wrong ability. Would hate to just get rid of them when they have incredible potential to either be used as is or bred for a better Porygon.

Poliwag are all over the place in natures and abilities, but some have 5 Perfect IVs with the wrong Nature/Ability so I just continued on until I got one of my preference.

If interested in either, I'll be working until 9:30 Est tonight. I'm interested in almost anything in the Alolan Pokedex to either fill my Pokedex or to just breed as I just started playing the game and am looking to get into VGC asap. List IVs, genders, natures, abilities if possible. Thanks!

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Hi! Since nothing was said before, I'll give it another shot...

Please take a second to read our wifi rules if you're going to host an actual trade thread for spitbacks. In particular,

wifi rules said:
Trade Thread Rules

  • List all of your IVs. Traders here at Smogon are only interested in Pokémon with competitive value. We want to know your Pokémon's IVs. Please state these IVs explicitly a good format for them would be HP/ATK/DEF/SPATK/SPDEF/SPEED such as 31/31/31/31/31/30, especially if your Pokemon has a specific Hidden Power type it was bred/caught for. DO NOT generalize by posting "5 IV, 4 IV, etc". Use an IV calculator such as this one to help you if you're unsure.
  • With that said, if you're trading Pokemon that are "spitbacks" (Pokemon with decent IVs bred in the process of getting a competitive Pokemon) terminology like 4 IV or x/31/x/x/31/31 is fine.
  • Do not bump your own trade threads unless you have added something new.
  • Do not start a new trade thread if you already have an active trade thread. If your old thread is inactive and you wish to make a new one, contact a Wi-Fi moderator to close the old one for you.
  • Please do not use obnoxiously large pictures in your trade thread. Pokecheck is a great resource for small, good looking sprites. Banners are allowed, but make sure they're not too bulky.
  • If you are trading Pokémon that you did not breed or catch yourself, you must include the name of the original user or OT/ID of that user in the trade details. If you have limited distribution rights, then you must link to the original post or thread which confirms this. For Pokémon that have come from another site, or the GTS, the Pokémon's OT/ID must be posted in the trade details. For Pokemon you did catch/breed yourself, it's fine to just add your OT/ID at the top of the thread and say that any Pokemon without a listed OT/ID were obtained by you and have the OT/ID at the top of the thread.
  • Personal blacklists are not allowed in trade threads. If a user is trading suspiciously, report them to the forum-wide Wi-Fi blacklist.
I'll leave this unlocked for now to give you a chance to edit. If this isn't something you want to keep doing for the long term, instead I'd recommend posting in simple questions/requests or the giveaway section if don't want anything in return (not in both places please).

For future reference though, if a thread is locked please don't make another one that's basically exactly the same.

edit: enough time has past with no change. Locking.
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