Eisen's VGC Factory: 2018 Edition

Pokémon requested: Kingdra
Level and gender of Cutiefly: lvl 1 female (name: Konan's Pet)
IGN: Maria (long brown hair, agency glasses)
From: Germany

Edit: Got it, thanks!
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Hello, glad to see that it is opened again ! Have a terrific 2018 year ! Best wishes !

Pokemon Requested: Tapu Koko
Level and Gender: level 9, Male
IGN: Cymoril

Pokemon Requested: Tapu Lele
Level and Gender: level 10, Male
IGN: Zarozinia

Thanks in advance !
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Sent to: TibbePKMN, Draelok, BlueRay, Kanon90, TrafalgarvLaw, viperGTS, April Behavior, mertyville, ipin, KraXatu, Eonatator, gucci55, CoPRed, Torqan, yiy1156 x2, soTsoT, Drew, Hail Magikarp, Cutefluffysheep, xanperi, Shikdum22, avdc90, robertgnr x2, Marrilandra, Seth Garrison, Madscarf85, Pr1de, Grimreminder09, shinedwardc, yyy, jroxas and C y 1 x2

ColdingLight : Unfortunately, I couldn't find your Cutiefly, it may have gotten sniped? :/

Tapu Koko Loko : I don't know why, it seems people really want to send Kommo-o's :( Hope I can catch your next try quicker (it is getting sniped, right?)!

Cresselia~~, truevillany & DisguiseBusted! : Sorry, your requests are currently out of stock, please make sure to check before requesting...!

Hail Magikarp : As mentioned in the rules, Mega Stones are not possible to send on the GTS, this is why I'm giving alternative items with them.
Thanks (kinda did not 100% want it anyway)

Pokemon Requested: Blacephelon
Level and gender of cutiefly: Level 12 female

Thank you a lot
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Requested: Mimikyu
Deposited: LV 1 male cutiefly
IGN: Ebyss

Again, sincere thanks - I’m giving vgc a go this year and so far I suuuuuuck. Appreciate being able to get great Pokémon so I can practise.
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Sent to: C y 1 x2, yiy1156, ipin x2, yyy, TrafalgarvLaw, Shikdum22, April Behavior, Draelok, shinedwardc x2, viperGTS, Xander22612, soTsoT, Cancaro Man, robertgnr x2, Tapu Koko Loko, Pr1de, mertyville, BlueRay, TibbePKMN x2, Hail Magikarp, xanperi, KraXatu, DisguiseBusted!, Kako x2, truevillany, Strange, avdc90, Aurora869, Herocross, Ebyss, Ilikebugs, Marrilandra, bigdaddymauRice and Plaethoria,

CoPRed : Unfortunately, I couldn't find your Cutiefly, it may have been sniped? :/

Madscarf85 : Heatran is currently out of stock, please make sure to check before requesting...!

By the way, you are wasting 4 EVs in Hitmontop's spread. 24 is the same as 20 at Lv. 50.
You're right, thanks a lot for pointing it out! I'll be fixing that in the next batch!