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5th Gen PRNG Help / Info - Latest: RNG Reporter 9.96.5, PPRNG 1.15.0

Discussion in 'Wi-Fi' started by Slashmolder, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Slashmolder

    Slashmolder 'Ello Governor
    is a Programmer Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnus

    Mar 27, 2011
    Notes about BW2/RNG Reporter 9.96, read before posting:
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    RNG Reporter has updated to .NET Framework 4.5 (download here) allowing searches to be significantly faster. This does mean that Windows XP is no longer supported. Windows XP version can be downloaded from here.
    • Certain Languages are nto supported on DSi, if you want to help us out look here.
    • Dream radar is currently not supported in Reporter
    • CGear seeds no longer exist, turning on the CGear advances the IVRNG by 2 frames and advances the PIDRNG like usual
    • Entralink starts on IV frame 25
    • Memory linking offsets the PIDRNG initial frame by 1 so check the box for it in your profile if you have memory linked.
    • Timer0 ranges are much wider. Some people have 12-15 different Timer0s. Tip: Using Eon Timer to hit your seed greatly increases your consistency for hitting a specific Timer0.
    • Breeding is a total mess, don't even try to breed in BW2 for now. It might never be possible to do much of any breeding. Be happy there's no new egg moves I know of.
    • Shiny Charm support will be added at a later date due to the vast amount of work to implement it.

    Please consider making a donation to support RNG Reporter's programmer, Slashmolder! Working on it takes up a great deal of his personal time, and every dollar helps to keep him working on new features to RNG Reporter.


    Onsite Guide to RNG Manipulation in Black/White

    Onsite Guide to RNG Manipulation in Black/White with PPRNG

    Encounter Slots
    Smogon's on-site RNG Mechanics Guide
    Rough C-Gear Guide (this post)
    Standard Seed Guide
    Entralink RNG Guide


    If you are asking for help, these are questions you need to be answering in your post. Posts asking for help without following these rules will be ignored.
    • Please list which version of RNG Reporter or PPRNG you are using. If you are not using the latest version, don't ask questions until you do.
    • What are you trying to capture\hatch? Please specify whether you are attempting to breed a shiny Pokémon, breed IVs onto a Pokémon, or capture a Pokémon.
    • What is your target seed and frame? What is the delay of that seed? What is the MAC address of the DS you are using?
    • How did you verify your seed?
    • If you tried and failed, what results did you get? You NEED to know this so you can figure out what went wrong. Results are either the IV\nature of the Pokemon you caught, or an ID\SID if you are attempting ID\SID abuse.

      General Posting Rules:
    • Please do not ask for AR codes. Please do not give them to people to ask for them. Please do not answer with AR codes. They are all out there on the internet and can be googled.
    • Please do not make "Help me find my SID" requests in this thread! For that you may use the Simple Questions sticky in this forum.
    • DO NOT ASK when the next release of RNG Reporter will be out.
    • And once again, do not ask about AR codes.
    My RNG Reporter development notes: do not ask about anything within them or you will be infracted
    They are for my purposes only, and they do not need to make sense to anyone but me. They are only here to give people a sense of what progress is being made in the meantime.
    However, feel free to leave comments on the discussion page. If this gets abused, I will take it down.

    A Guide to 5th Generation RNG Manipulation
    written by Kaphotics
    edited by OmegaDonut


    For the past two concurrent Pokémon generations, there was a direct nature–IV relationship for Pokémon captured in the wild, as a result of the random number generator, or RNG, outputting fewer nature-IV combinations than there were nature-IV possibilities.

    In the fifth generation of Pokémon, the IVs are determined by a separate RNG instead of along with the PID, which determines nature, gender, ability, and shininess. This means that there is no longer a relationship between IVs and PID. This implies that there is no longer an IV restriction on natures, so any nature can now have any combination of IVs!

    This Mersenne Twister based IV RNG (abbreviated MTIVRNG or IVRNG) is very easy to control, so long as you know your initial seeds. There are two types of seeds, called non-C-Gear seeds and C-Gear seeds.

    • Non-C-Gear seeds do not require delay to hit, only precision down to the second. These seeds are determined the second you soft reset your game as opposed to pressing continue. The downside is that we cannot yet manipulate these initial seeds to selectively target spreads, but they are extremely easy to hit.
    • C-Gear seeds use delay, and are set when you turn on the C-Gear. There are two points in which you can activate the C-Gear:
      - At the continue screen
      - In game​
      Activating the C-Gear at the continue screen have a postponed seeding, the MTRNG is reseeded once you regain control of your character. This is why it is best to get your C-Gear seed in game. By turning on the C-Gear via the Power button at the bottom right and pressing yes, the seed is instantly set.

    • Pokémon Black or Pokémon White (1/2)
    • RNG Reporter 9 (latest version is 9.96.5) OR
    • PPRNG, a Mac-only program.
    • Knowledge of how to hit seeds in Generation 4
    Step by Step Instructions

    Step 1 – Setup
    • Save next to a stationary legendary, Delivery Man, or in a cave/patch of grass with sweet scent. You can also RNG the base IVs of eggs if you choose, but you will need to use Power items to force certain IVs to be passed down. Just have the egg ready to be grabbed from the Daycare Man. Alternatively for high frame IV spreads, you can be near the target Pokémon at the closest PC.
    • Have 5 or less Pokémon in your party.
    • Have your DS synced to an external clock, or know what time it is on your DS via the main menu.
    • Save your game.
    • Open up RNG Reporter and select Method 5 in the Time Finder.
    Step 2 – Seeds
    Non C-Gear seeds:

    Videos from bearsfan092:

    Pokemon Black and White: Standard Abuse for Legends and Wild Pokemon- Part 1- IV's

    Pokemon Black and White: Standard Abuse for Legends and Wild Pokemon- Part 2- Nature/Ability/Shininess

    C-Gear seeds:
    • Open up seed Time Finder in RNG Reporter, click the Capture tab and select Method 5 from the Method drop down.
    • In your game, look up the MAC address of your DS.
    • Copy down all 12 digits (leave out the dashes) and put them into the DS MAC Address box.
    • Specify the criteria for an IV spread(s) you want. It is suggested to have a max frame below 2500.
    • Generate the seed list. This will take quite some time, depending on how fast your computer is and how large of a range you specified.

    Hitting your C-Gear seed:
    • Obtain your C-Gear seed from RNG Reporter. Press Seed to Time and find a time to hit for your C-Gear seed with your given MAC Address.
    • Start a two stage delay timer to hit your delay and time.
    • Start the game at the time that will give you the correct seconds\delay when the timer ends.
    • When the game asks you to turn on the C-Gear right at the Continue screen, do NOT say yes. Say no and proceed into the game.
    • Click the C-Gear power button. You will see a Yes\No prompt.
    • When the second timer ends, you should be pressing Yes at this screen.
    Step 2a - C-Gear Seed Calibration
    This section concerns determining how far off your target time\delay you were, and finding out how much to adjust accordingly.

    There is no method of verifying that you hit your seed, unlike the Gen IV games. You will have to catch a Pokémon and check its IVs.

    To find out how far off you were from hitting the correct time, you will have to use RNG Reporter's Seed to Time:

    • Enter the necessary date, time, and MAC address into Seed to Time.
    • Generate a list of adjacents. If this is your first time attempting this, it is recommended you use a wide range of adjacents, in the hundreds.
    • Catch the first Pokémon you encounter immediately after turning on the game. It is preferred that this Pokémon be a stationary legendary or a Pokémon attracted with Sweet Scent in Victory Road, so it's IVs can be easily determined.
    • Determine the Pokémon's IVs. Search for these IVs among the adjacents (the "Search IVs" button).
    • Adjust your timer based on how far off the target you were.
    The minimum delay for C-Gear seeds is approximately 1000, so start your search there.

    Step 3 – Frames and Spreads
    You now know what your MTIVRNG seed is, and you know what frames will get you certain IV spreads. For those who hit C-Gear seeds, leaving it on will cause no side effects, except for changing the resulting nature\gender\ability at a rate of approximately 1 per second. Now to get those spreads on Pokémon!

    Things to be sure of:
    • Correct setup for what you are trying to RNG the IVs onto, and at the correct in game starting position (Step 1).
    • Knowing what seed your game has been seeded with (Step 2).
    • Not entered a single battle, or moved at all since you hit that particular seed.
    Definition: Initial Frame
    • For non C-Gear seeds, your initial frame will be 1.
    • For C-Gear seeds, your initial frame will be 1 (technically 3, but RNG Reporter takes care of this for you)

    You must now advance your initial frame to the frame right before your target frame, accounting for the method of IV generation for your target Pokémon. So far there are three known types of generation:
    • Regular Generation (for wild Pokémon and stationary legendaries)
      - Starting Frame is 1​
    • Egg Generation
      - Starting Frame is 8​
    • Roamer Generation
      - Starting Frame is 1* (The speed IV will be put before the SpA IV, shifting them right)​
    Target – Initial – Starting + 1 = Advances Required

    Advancing the frame:
    • Moving 128 steps with Z Pokémon in your party.
      - Advances the frame by Z.​
    • Moving a Pokémon to your party from the PC Box (Withdraw/Move)
      - Advances the frame by 7.​
    • Engaging in a battle.
      - Advances at approximately 120 frames per second. Requires Frame Check code to pull off.
      - This is how you hit frames above 1000. You probably will not have to hit these frames.​

    Advancing the frame for the RNG that determines nature\PID\egg inheritence (the PIDRNG):
    • Turning in areas with wild Pokémon
      - Advances the frame by 2 per step.​
    • Walking in areas with wild Pokémon
      - Advances the frame by 2 per step.​
    • Saving
      - Advances the frame by 1 per save.​
    • Chattering Chatot
      - After you have recorded a Chatter, advances the frame by 1 every time you hear its call on the status screen.​
    • The C-Gear
      - Advances at approximately 1 frames per second, but the exact number has not been tested.​
    • Wandering NPCs
    using the IV frame check code for AR (open)

    After you advanced the frame correctly, you may use the IV frame check code to see if you are at the right point.
    Target – Monster – 624*n – C = 0
    C =<624; n being an integer.
    C is the value displayed with the IV frame check code.

    C + Monster Frame = Target Frame

    Encounter or receive your Pokémon, and verify the IVs. Enjoy!

    Video from bearsfan092:

    Pokemon Black and White: C Gear Abuse for Legends and Wild Pokemon

    Source code can be found on Github.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2015
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  2. Sephirona

    Sephirona t-t-t-tubearrific. (✿≖ᴗ≖) ・゚✧*:・゚✧
    is an Artist Alumnus

    Apr 21, 2009
    How to Entralink RNG (on a DS)
    Because flawless Dream World Pokemon caught in Dream Balls are hawt

    Written by Sephirona
    Edited by: bond697, xelite, ToastPlusOne, Kaphotics,

    Bond697's Original Emulator High Link Abuse Guide + Research: [ link ]


    If you’re up for a challenge and enjoy the novelty of having your flawless Dream World Pokemon caught in Dream Balls instead of in normal Pokeballs (which is what you’d get if you opt to breed your DW females for IVs) hopefully this guide will help you a bit. C: I’m more of a standard seed kinda girl myself, but I sure love dem Dream Balls.

    Keep in mind that Entralink abuse (a.k.a. High Link abuse) is very similar to C-Gear RNGing. As such, it is hard to consistently predict the exact natures you’ll get the same way you can with Standard Seeds. This is because having the C-Gear on advances the PIDRNG at a set rate every second – and you have to keep the C-Gear on to stay in the Entralink, obviously. Some of the other Pokemon in your Entree Forest may also walk around randomly, advancing your PIDRNG the same way moving NPCs would in the overworld. To make things worse, synchronizers will not work with Entralink Abuse either.

    However, as you are NOT required to save after encountering and capturing the Pokemon, you can simply reset and try again. Of course, this means you will have to deal with hitting your seed (your target time and delay) all over again unless you have access to save states. Resetting for natures is, in effect, very similar to Wondercard RNGing in the 4th gen; as such, it will be VERY tedious without save states on a DS, which is why you might choose to just Entralink RNG once for the IVs and breed the result instead. (By the way, save states are amazing.) Besides this, Entralink RNGing is very possible on a Retail Black/White Cartridge.


    Credit goes to OmegaDonut, Bond697, Kaphotics, ToastPlusOne, chiizu, and all the other great researchers and contributors here at Smogon for their awesome work and/or programming skillz. All of this here is just a summary of a small portion of what they've already covered in their posts here at smogon, and of what I learned from them while chatting on the irc. Format stolen from the first post too. ;D

    Most of the credit for this guide especially goes to Bond697 and his pioneering Entralink RNG Guide as I've linked above and to ToastPlusOne for his fabulous timers and his timer tips. Many thanks also to xelite for reviewing what I wrote for mistakes. Thanks also to you for following this guide, and especially to those of you who've given me feedback C:


    • The latest version of RNG Reporter as listed here. Mac owners should use PPRNG, but I’ll be referencing RNG Reporter specifically.

    • ToastPlusOne’s fabulous two-step EonTimer. (link) EonTimer is mentioned specifically in lieu of other two step timers because unlike other timers it calibrates for Entralink abuse when you check the High Link box -this will be explained later. PPRNG users will have to use ZomgTimer (link) and adjust for this offset themselves, as explained by Toast here.

    • Your Nintendo DS system (any DS type works with C-Gearing) and its specific Mac Address. See the first post of the 5th Gen PRNG Help / Info thread for information about how to find this in your system settings.

    • Your Black/White game cartridge/game file with your Pokemon already in the Entralink forest areas

    • A decent understanding of C-Gear RNGing, which means you must be familiar with hitting target seconds and delays. You also must be able to check the IVs of your Pokemon. Please refer to the guides in the first post of the 5th Gen PRNG Help / Info thread to better acquaint yourself with this process.

    Important Notes:

    • First off, if this is your first time entering the Entralink, make sure you’ve finished talking to the old man who prompts you upon your first visit before you begin RNGing. Your game is seeded once you regain control of your character in the Entralink. (This is basically the same thing that you make happen when you press Yes to turn on the C-Gear.) The time it takes for the old man to stop yapping throws off your timing by quite a bit, so you may not be able to pinpoint where you landed on the list of adjacents you will generate later for calibration.

    • On a related note, the separate High Link Calibration value implemented into EonTimer is required for Entralink RNGing because while you would normally seed the game right after you press A to start the C-Gear for normal C-Gear RNGing, there is a delay between the time you press A to enter the Entralink and the time the game is actually seeded (when you regain control of your character). This is why you should use EonTimer instead of the other timers, as it will adjust for this offset. Unfortunately, PPRNG users can only use ZomgTimer at the moment.

    • Also, unlike normal C-Gear RNGing where you are discouraged from turning on the C-Gear at the continue screen, it is okay to do so here. Turning on the C-Gear seeds your game, but since the act of entering the Entralink seeds your game again it no longer matters when you turn on the C-Gear as long as you leave yourself enough time in between to tap to the “(your name) warped to the Entralink!” screen. More on this later.

    And now we begin! :O

    Step by Step Instructions:
    The steps with visual aids will reference the picture right above it.

    1. Open the latest version of RNG Reporter and click the Time Finder tab. Click the 5th Gen DS Parameters tab and input your DS's Mac Address (must be the address of the DS you are using). From the Method drop down menu, select Method 5 (C-Gear Seed). The minimum delay for Entralink RNGing will be a teeny bit higher than the minimum delay for normal C-Gear RNGing since you need to take into account the time it takes for you to tap to the Entralink button on the Wireless screen. I find that a minimum delay of 2500 is comfortable for me to hit. Therefore, set your Min Delay to ~2500, and your Max Delay to whatever you’re comfortable waiting to hit. (In the example above, I used 2500 / 8000.)You can try going for a slightly lower Minimum Delay but you might find yourself rushing and it isn’t worth the strain. You shouldn’t choose anything below 1500.

    2. Set your Encounter Type to Stationary Pokemon.

    3. Set your Min Frame (for IVs) to 21 and your Max to whatever you’re comfortable advancing to. In my example, I used Min 21 / Max 40. The act of encountering talking to your target Pokemon advances 21 IV frames. For all intents and purposes, treat 21 as your Initial Frame. According to OmegaDonut, you can actually use this to your advantage if you'd like to hit a Target Frame significantly higher than 21:

    : Apparently, your starting IV frame may eventually shift to 8. A few experienced Entralink RNGers have experienced this already, but at the moment I'm not sure exactly when it will shift or why. I'll update this part hopefully with more info later. However, use 21 as your Initial Frame if this is your first Entralink RNG. If your starting frame does shift to 8 later on, don't worry! All that would change is that your Min Frame should instead be set to 8 and your advancements adjusted accordingly.

    4. Fill in your desired IV spread(s) and click Generate. This may take a while depending on how specific you've customized your IV search to be.

    5. Once you’ve generated a list of seeds and chosen a suitable spread from the list, note what the Target Frame is (Mine is 25 in the above pic). Then, right click on the spread you’ve chosen and click “Generate More Times”.

    6. This will bring you to the Seed to Times/Adjacents Finder, which will give you a list of dates and times to choose from as well as show you your Target Delay. Even if this isn’t your first time C-Gearing, given the slight timing differences between normal C-Gear RNGing and Entralink RNGing it is recommended that you set your Delays to +999/-999, your Seconds to +9 / -9 and your Min Frame to 1 and Max to a number above the target Frame you noted in step 5.

    Note for PPRNG Users: As searching for a range of starting frames is not yet possible using PPRNG at the time, just set Delays to +/- 999, Seconds to +/- 9, and Frame to 21. You will need to manually search through the list you generate for the IVs of the first Pokemon you catch.

    7. Select the date and time you want to try to hit, making sure to highlight it in blue by clicking on it. Note the Target Delay and the Target Seconds of the Time and Date you’ve chosen. (In the example above, my Target Delay is 6801 and my Target Seconds is 19.) Then, click Generate. This generates in the bottom box a list of the adjacent seeds you might hit while attempting to calibrate in the next few steps. You need these to figure out where you landed so you can adjust your timing accordingly.

    8. In game, use a fresh Repel and, without moving, save outside in an area where you can immediately enter the Entralink (i.e. not inside a building) with the right number of Pokemon in your party to advance to your Target Frame (from step 5) when you’ve finished calibrating. (You won’t be advancing just yet until step 14, but you might as well prepare for it.) IV frames are advanced the same way as in normal C-Gear and Standard Seed RNGing, which means “Moving 128 steps with Z Pokémon in your party advances the frame by Z.” as quoted from the first post of the 5th Gen Help thread. Note that repels work while in the Entralink, so you would just run the appropriate number of steps in the Entralink while counting using repels the same way you would normally. For example, if my target frame is 25, I would have to run 128 steps with 4 Pokemon in my party before getting into a battle with my target Pokemon since my “Starting Frame” is 21.

    9. Now, you will attempt to calibrate for your Entralink abuse. Open the two stage timer EonTimer and use the default Gen V tab. For Calibration, fill in -195. Fill in your Target Delay (in the demonstrative example above, 6801) and your Target Seconds (in my example, 19) in the so-named areas. Check BOTH the C-Gear and the High-Link boxes when Entralink RNGing. Don’t touch the number in the HL Calibration box yet - though you may need to after Step 13. At this point, the big number in bold on the upper left corner (22:06) is the countdown value for your first timer, and the smaller number under Minutes Below Target (111:99) is the countdown value for your second timer.

    10. Set your DS date to the one you chose in step 7. Note the number EonTimer’s “Minutes before Target” gives you and set your time to however many minutes before your target it tells you to. In my example, my Target Time was 19:06:19 and my Minutes Before Target was 2, so I had to set my DS to 19:04:00.

    11. Hold down the Confirm button on your DS and the Start button on EonTimer and release at the same time to simultaneously set your DS time and start EonTimer’s countdown. Quickly exit out of the DS settings menu – you’ll be prompted to shut off the system, so do so. Alternatively, you can turn off the DS using the power switch and quickly turn it back on.

    12. Make sure you are on the main menu and ready to press A to start your game at the end of the first timer. On a flashcart, this would be the same screen you press A at to load the game. The second timer will start automatically when the first timer reaches 0. (NOTE: Retail Cart users as well as those of you with flashcarts that support soft-resetting might find it better to soft-reset to start the game instead of pressing A at the main menu at the end of the first timer. For whatever reason hard resets make your delays more erratic. Unfortunately for some it is the only way to start the game.) Before the end of the second timer, you should already be in-game with your C-Gear turned on, and have tapped the Entralink button and be waiting at the “(Your name) warped to the Entralink!” screen. At the end of the second timer, press A at this screen. You will then enter the Entralink.

    Timer Tips: As with all Delay-based RNGing it is important to be consistent with exactly when you press A at the end of each timer as it helps immensely with calibration. Note that when using Retail Carts or if your flashcart supports it, you should Soft-Reset because it actually allows you to hit delays more consistently than hard-resetting. I find it useful to use the EonTimer's Visual Mode (by checking the box on the Settings tab) to prepare myself with cues so I can try to press the A button at exactly the same time at the end of each countdown. You may also opt to use EonTimer's auditory beeps or pops - whatever you feel is most helpful for you. :)

    13. Once you regain control of your character in the Entralink, in as few steps as possible, run to the Entrée Forest and encounter and capture any Pokemon. Find its IVs, and then click the Search IVs tab in the Seed to Times/Adjacents Finder. Enter the IVs you received and press OK. The list of adjacents you generated previously in the bottom box should automatically highlight the Seed, Date, Time, and Delay you’ve just hit based on the IVs you input. (Alternatively, if you know how to use the MTRNG Check Code as listed in the first post, you can use this to check if you’ve hit the correct seed as well. If you have access to those handy dandy save states at this point, it’s recommended that you make a save state after hitting each Delay but before capturing the Pokemon, as you can simply reload the state and go directly to step 15 if you discover you’ve hit the right delay.)

    Note: You might find that you need to adjust the value in the HL Calibration box to suit your needs if you land on a second later than your target time. The value you add to 296 is dependent on the wrong second you've consistently been hitting during calibration. This is summarized by the following as instructed by ToastPlusOne, 'secondHit' being the second you've hit and 'secondWanted' being your Target Second:
    ([secondHit - secondWanted] * 60) + 296 = Total Value in HL Calibration box
    14. If your Target Time/Seconds was off, adjust accordingly and try again. Once you can consistently hit the right time to the second, take the Delay you hit and enter it into the Delay Hit box of EonTimer; then, click Update. This will automatically change the value in the Calibration Box, and EonTimer will calibrate new countdown timer values for you to get you closer to the Target Delay you entered. In my example above, you’ll notice I hit Delay 6794 – after updating this value in the Delay Hit box on the left, I came out with my new countdown values on the right.

    15. Repeat steps 10-13 with your new two stage Eontimer countdown values. You may need to repeat this a few times until you can consistently hit your target delay, or until the delay you hit is sufficiently close to your target Delay (Approximately +-5 your Target Delay).

    16. Now, you can advance your IV frames as usual, using the appropriate number of Repels to keep track of your steps. When you’ve finished advancing, encounter your target Pokemon. If you’ve hit the right delay and advanced the right number of IV frames, your Pokemon should have the IVs you desired. If not, you can enter the IVs of the Pokemon you caught into the Search IVs box again to find the Delay you landed on provided you’ve generated a wide enough Min/Max Frame range in the Seed to Times /Adjacents Finder in step 6. You will then need to keep trying to hit your seed and advancing your IV frames, as there is no surefire way to verify your delay at the moment without capturing your Pokemon.

    17. If you've captured your Pokemon with the right IVs but didn’t get the nature you wanted (and chances are you didn’t) you have two choices at this point. You can either keep the Pokemon you encountered and breed it (if it is female) for a DW Pokemon with a better nature, or turn the game off without saving and try to hit your Target delay and seconds to encounter the Pokemon again. If you have access to save states, you can take a save state right before encountering the Pokemon after you’ve finished your IV frame advancements, which will save you quite a bit of time should you choose to reset for a better nature.


    And that’s about it. Yeah, it’s tedious to Entralink RNG on a DS without AR especially when compared to Standard Seed abuse, but it’s totally possible so don’t give up! Good luck. C: As an aside, I apologize for the quality of the photos as they were taken using my phone - I'll probably take higher resolution pictures sometime later to replace them.

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  3. Kaphotics

    Kaphotics Remodeling Kitchens
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Apr 25, 2009
    Onsite B/W RNG Manipulation Guide

    The first post of this thread contains information for C-Gear abuse, which was the only method of abuse at the time this thread was posted. Standard Seed abuse is much easier to execute and should be a welcomed addition to RNG in the fifth generation.

    Prerequisites for Standard Abuse
    • RNG Reporter
      • Note to Mac Users: RNG Reporter works under Windows and Linux.
      • PPRNG is the Mac equivalent of the 5th Generation RNG Reporter. Use it instead.
    • A clock with a clear Seconds reading.
    • DS Original, Lite, DSi, or 3DS.
      • Note: As of this writing, only English, Japanese, German and Spanish versions can successfully RNG standard seeds on a DSi\3DS.

    Flashcart users (open)

    • If you are using a flashcart, you'll be able to standard seed abuse as they do not run in DSi mode. You're technically a DS/DSlite.
      • Extend the searching range for all of the parameter sections to find your flashcart's parameters. They will be different depending on the class of SD memory you use and the flashcart and firmware itself.
      • Asking if your card runs in DSi mode does not belong here. It doesn't.

    • You may still do C-Gear abuse with your DSes, however it is extremely recommended that you have a firm grasp of the material. Experience from 4th gen Delay hitting is beneficial.
      • If there is new information, this thread will be updated to contain it.

    Consolidation of Information throughout the thread (BW)
    so you don't have to look :)
    • Difficulty of the different RNGs you can do in ascending difficulty:
      • Stationary Legends (Zekrom/Kyurem/Musketeers/Volcarona/Foongus/Amoongus)
      • Gift Pokemon (Fossils/Larvesta Egg/Magikarp/Dreamyard Elemental Monkey Trio)
      • Wondercard Pokemon (not required)
      • Wild Pokemon in areas without moving NPCs using Encounter Slots
      • ID/SID Abuse for Shiny Frames on a Target Seed (not required)
      • Wild Pokemon in areas with moving NPCs using Encounter Slots
      • Egg Abuse
      • Swirling Sand / Water Spot (Surf/Fish)
      • White Forest Abuse (Nonshiny and Synchronize Only)
      • Roamer IV and Nature Abuse (nonshiny)
      • C-Gear Abuse for Entralink Pokemon from the Dream World
      • Roamer IV/Nature/Shiny Abuse in Snow or Rain

    • Standard Seed Behavior
      • The initial frame will never be frame 1 for the PIDRNG, you have to calibrate it or use the [Calculate Initial PIDRNG Frame] button.
      • The initial frame will be the same for the same seed if you hit it again.
      • NPCs will behave the same way for the same seed.
      • If there are moving NPCs off screen, they will still advance the RNG even though you cannot see them.
        • Even if the moving NPCs do not move when you RNG, they still can advance the frame.
      • Shaking spots will appear in the same position if you take the same path and hit the same seed.
        • Shaking spots will appear on average every 320 steps.
        • Technical Info: A spot will appear when your small step counter (0 thru 19) and upper 3 bits of the current RNG seed are both 0. (20 * 2^3 = 320).

    • Step Related Information
      • Taking the same amount of steps advances the PIDRNG by the same amount if you do them exactly the same on the same seed.
      • Taking one step to exit a building is not considered a step.
      • Steps taken during an event (thus forcefully moving you) are not considered steps.

    • Encounter Slot Tables: Black | | White
      • RNG Reporter has these links built in, so you can quickly get to them without coming here.

    • Roamer Information
      • Roamers have their own encounter method, and are not considered Wild Pokemon.
      • Their IVs, nature, and PID are set immediately after it flies away.
      • Rain advances the PIDRNG by approximately 60 per second.
      • This is not consistent. Sometimes the PIDRNG will "stick" to a certain frame.
      • Snow advances it much less (Around 260 frames after your initial frame)
      • They cannot be synchronized.
      • If your roamer is first encountered shiny (upon release), checking in the Pokedex would show the shiny sprite.
      • Although it is possible to RNG a shiny Roamer with the Elite Four, it will not let you get IVs
        • Battling with the Champion increases the PIDRNG frame by 6, the Roamer is then generated at the Hall of Fame Machine.

    • Breeding Information
      • When breeding, DO NOT USE POWER ITEMS (They will be supported soon, don't ask when).
      • Ditto is considered as the opposite gender of the other Pokemon when breeding.
        • Genderless breeding considers Ditto the female.
        • When breeding for Dream World abilities, Ditto must not be either parent.
      • Nidoran or (Illumise/Volbeat) species is not determined by Gender Ratios when breeding.
        • It is listed in the breeding outputs for both breeding methods.

    • General Information
      • The first post has the ways to advance the IV and/or PIDRNG Frame.
      • Your timer0 may fluctuate between two values (or more for BW2)
        • If it fluctuates between more than 2, PROTIP: Buy the game.
      • You hold the keys that the keypress tells you to the moment you boot the game until the Nintendo logo appears.
      • The moment the C-Gear comes on is the moment you lose any control of the PIDRNG.
        • This means you cannot abuse for shinies or specific PIDRNG frames when using a C-Gear seed.
        • All Wild, Stationary, Roamer and Gift Pokemon have their IV frames starting on 1.
          • This includes Landorus and Starters.
      • NPCs that do not move in a set pattern advance the RNG in an unpredictable way.
      • You do not have to listen to Chatot's call when doing Chatot advancements. Only a split second is needed for the game to advance, hence why it is called "Chatot flipping" (named from "Journal Flipping from DPPt).
      • Roamers, Gift Pokemon, Entralink Pokemon, and Wondercards cannot be synchronized.
      • Eggs have their IVs starting on IV Frame 8.
        • Larvesta has its own method and starts on frame 2.
      • Wondercards have no relation to the MTRNG, because they are generated from the PIDRNG. Use the True Minimum Frame option when searching for Wondercard Seeds. Wondercards are not abuseable with C-Gear seeds.
      • To remove fog or sand storm in any area, follow these steps as your last part of setting up to abuse.
        • Save the game in the area you are abusing.
        • Change your DS clock's date to one month ahead of what you just saved at in game.
        • Enter the game at any time and encounter a wild Pokemon. When the battle ends, the season will change and the fog/sand will disappear.
        • Save your game, now you can start abusing on whatever date your seed dictates.

    • Searching with RNG Reporter
      • RNG Reporter can search for Egg Standard Seeds with Time Finder.
      • Entralink Abuse requires you to calibrate for your IV frame as well, as you have to walk to your Pokemon. This will take a lot of time to calibrate, and you should do it for each time you decide to abuse. Natures are random due to the C-Gear's consistent PIDRNG advancement.

    Pokemon Unable to be Obtained Shiny (open)

    • Zekrom, Reshiram, Victini, and the event Zoroark/Zorua cannot be shiny. Even at Dragon Spiral Tower.
    • Pokemon from the Entralink Forest cannot be shiny.
    • Pokemon from Wondercards cannot be shiny unless they are supposed to be.

    Helpful Videos of 5th Gen RNG
    Videos by bearsfan092:
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    C-Gear Abuse: Calibration and Application

    Standard Abuse: Calibration, Standard Seed Finding

    Standard Abuse: Use of Synchronize / IV Frame Manipulation of Stationary Legends

    Standard Abuse: Stationary Legends / Wild Pokemon

    Standard Abuse: Bred Pokemon (Shiny Optional)

    Videos by Amelie:
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    Note: These were using PPRNG, the process is essentially the same with RNG Reporter.

    How to find MAC Address

    How to Set up Config/DS for RNG

    How to Find Parameters with PPRNG and Pokecheck

    How to Use Chatot Pitches

    How to Breed Shiny Flawless RNG's

    How to RNG Stationary Pokemon

    How to RNG Wild Pokemon

    How to RNG your ID & SID

    How to use PPRNG's Seed Searcher

    Videos by Greenalink:
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    Standard Abuse: Reshiram/Zekrom

    Standard Abuse: Shiny Egg Dark Pulse Deino

    Mac (PPRNG) RNG Abuse Video (Torterra2020)
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    There may be some inconsistencies due to updated programs and information, but they should help guide you through the process.

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  4. Kaphotics

    Kaphotics Remodeling Kitchens
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    Apr 25, 2009
    Offline RNG Guide (.PDF) (Word) (Old)

    Tesseraction's Guide for B/W Breeding
    Greenalink's Video of Applied B/W Breeding (Non Guide)

    Please do not ask questions on this YouTube video. Ask here.

    How to get a Shaking/Bubble Spot Easily:
    ~Courtesy of Eyedol~
    1. Load your game on any given seed, and just walk until a bubble spot appears nearby. Save the game.
      • This step is to save the Bubble Step Counter at "20 out of 20" steps. Make sure the bubble is still there, and you've stopped walking when you save.
    2. Hit your RNG'd seed, and walk until a bubble spot is generated.
    3. Find the frame that the bubble was generated on. Use Chatot to listen to every pitch since generating that bubble, and write down all of those pitches from the beginning to find the frame that a bubble spot was generated on.
      • This step is used to find your current PID frame; and then the frame that generated the bubble spot by counting those pitches backwards.
    4. Hit the seed again, and walk 19 steps in the game.
      • Since the bubble spot step counter was saved at "20 out of 20 steps" before; the game can generate another bubble spot in 20 steps. We will only walk 19 of those steps for now.
    5. When the PID frame that generated a bubble spot on your seed is found; reach the resulting PID frame by advancing to it from your current PID frame.
    6. When the correct bubble spot PID frame is reached, walk 1 more step.
    The bubble spot should generate. From now on, that PID frame on your RNG'd seed will generate a bubble spot upon taking the 20th step. In total, only 20 steps have been taken to generate a bubble spot since the game has been loaded.

    Raw Instructions

    Setting up the Entree Forest to RNG Easily:

    RNG Reporter now can predict the Standard Seeds and C-Gear advancement time-frames for RNG in the Entralink.

    Be sure to arrange your Entree Forest so that no other Pokemon are in the areas you pass through, as they move and advance the PIDRNG. Send all other Pokemon you aren't RNGing into the deepest clearing. Depending on how many Pokemon you have within Entralink at the time, you may be required to capture a few so that the rest can fit and/or moving the Pokemon you want to RNG into other clearings.

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  5. Bond697

    Bond697 Dies, died, will die.
    is a Researcher Alumnus

    Jun 20, 2010
    this is the same thing i was talking about in the research thread. only thing is that i didn't even come within 9/999 of the seed i wanted, nor is it always the same amount off. in hundreds of tries i've only managed to hit it(my seed) 8 times total.
  6. Riski


    Nov 11, 2009
    ToastPlusOne has made a very complete timer for gen 4 and 5 RNG that is very good. The C-Gear timer is especially well done and highly recommended.

    Below is how I did C-gear seeds with Pikatimer, but I recommend you use ZomgTimer.

    Thanks, Toast!

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    To help out people just starting with C-Gear seeds who may be wondering how to put this together with two stage timers like Pikatimer: I kept Pikatimer at 500 for calibrated (but I didn't calibrate at all) and made sure my given seed allowed at least enough time on the first timer to get the DS started and on the game start screen, and made sure my second timer gave me enough time to then enter the game and wait at the screen to turn on the c-gear.

    So as an example, for my RNG on Reshiram on a carte I did this:

    My seed was 51d6a103 for a Mac address of D49731. For this seed, I took today's date, Dec 1, 2010. Target time of 2:49:20. Target delay of 2504.

    On Pikatimer, I put the calibrated at 500. I chose 15 seconds as my calibrated seconds, but used 20 seconds for my target since this gave me enough leeway on the first timer without wasting my time. I set my DS to 2:48.

    Edit: Some notes added Dec 07/2010.

    Be prepared to recheck your total change (total delay change) if you resave in front of Reshiram. Resaving may throw off the amount of delay you get. You'll know when you somehow lose track of your possible IV spreads on the adjacents list. If you just can't find a match, suspect that your delay may have jumped up or down by 50 or more. Re-calibrate the necessary delay change by going back to the original timer with no delay changes. Search for a matching adjacent and re-adjust your delay and seconds.

    I started the game (from the DS menu screen or the AR game start screen) at the end of the first timer. I said yes to turning on the C-Gear at the end of the second timer. After capturing a few pokes, I ended up adjusting Pikatimer by -309, so it's very important to have your adjacent delay range 999+/-. Put your seconds range at 9+/- just to be on the safe side.

    I saw odd and even delays during adjustments but still landed on the even delay. So odd and even doesn't seem to matter.

    Edit: I've edited this post multiple times now because I thought I'd remembered my first RNG wrong, but I've just gone through the same process again, catching with the same seed. I was correct in remembering that the large delay adjustment caused a big change to the seconds I landed on when getting into the game.

    So here's how it went the first time, and the second, and how I handled this:

    Given the above info of seed and delay (500 calibrated/2504 target, 15 seconds calibrated/20 second target), the first time I used a start time of 2:48 on the DS, I landed in the game on the wrong delay but the correct target seconds, which was 20. But I had to adjust by -307 to get the correct delay. When I did the next reset, I discovered myself on 15 seconds but closer to my delay. To compensate for the wrong seconds, I adjusted my DS start time upward to 2:53. I did my final RNG attempt and landed on the right delay and the correct seconds and got my target IVs on the captured pokemon.

    So, what I'm saying is that you should be aware that huge delay adjustments require changing your DS clock minutes up or down to compensate for a change in seconds within the game. One minute on the DS corresponds with a second in the game.
  7. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
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    Jan 16, 2007
    Here's what finally worked for me in reaching my desired target with c-gear on: To reach a delay of 1690 in my R4 wood on 12/4/2010 at 6:30:34

    This is actually a 29 second process:

    12/4/2010 6:30:05 approximately immediately: press A on Pokemon White, then continue pressing A until I reach the prompt for C-Gear

    12/4/2010 6:30:27 I allow 22 seconds to get to this point, then press A, which essentially takes another 7 seconds to where it displays the season "Winter" and scene starts

    12/4/2010 6:30:34 action begins, and target seed to time. monster IVs for C-Gear start in Frame 3, fortunately my target was in frame 3, so time to catch and hope for desired nature at least.
  8. ΩDonut

    ΩDonut don't glaze me bro
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    Aug 23, 2006
    That explains the timing issues you had earlier. If you say yes to turning on the C-Gear right after the Continue menu, it'll be a few seconds before the C-Gear is actually turned on.

    But if you wait until the game starts, click the C-Gear power button, then say "yes" the moment your timer ends, you should get much more accurate results.
  9. Bond697

    Bond697 Dies, died, will die.
    is a Researcher Alumnus

    Jun 20, 2010
    the delay between saying yes at the continue screen and the seed changing is 0x16D (that's 365 in dec.) delay. just FYI in case that comes in handy for anyone.

    e: into seconds that's 6.0101 seconds. that's the amount of time between hitting a and saying yes to the cgear and the game reseeding.
  10. musicmeister


    Apr 18, 2010
    Just a question regarding how I can hit my seed. Let's say I found a date and time, for example, 1/1/2010 10:00:20. Should that target time be the time I soft reset the game and wait until I think I've hit my delay or the time I should activate the C-Gear when the game asks me to?
  11. Bond697

    Bond697 Dies, died, will die.
    is a Researcher Alumnus

    Jun 20, 2010
    the target time is when you soft reset. then you aim to hit your delay when saying yes to start the c-gear. are you starting it in-game for from the continue screen?
  12. musicmeister


    Apr 18, 2010
    No, I'm going to turn it off after I hit continue. Then I'll activate it in-game and wait till I hit my delay. I'm just wondering cause whenever I search for the IVs on seed to time it always says the IVs are invalid.

    Just wondering if I should turn it on before entering the game.
  13. Bond697

    Bond697 Dies, died, will die.
    is a Researcher Alumnus

    Jun 20, 2010
    you can't do that. once the cgear is turned on, they'll all be invalid for now because they morph(? not the right word)

    since you're turning it on in-game(which i think is the easier way to go), what you want to do is soft reset att he given time/date and then once you get into the game hit the cgear power button. the seed won't change until you hit "yes" on that next menu, so time the delay for hitting that button.
  14. musicmeister


    Apr 18, 2010
    Oh. So, I soft reset at the time I get from RNG Reporter? And I didn't put seconds on seed to time, by the way.
  15. Bond697

    Bond697 Dies, died, will die.
    is a Researcher Alumnus

    Jun 20, 2010
    you don;t need to put seconds. only if you're aiming for a certain one. :) and, yes, soft reset at that time.
  16. musicmeister


    Apr 18, 2010
    Okay, I got that. But in case I decide to turn on the C-Gear right after I press continue, do I need to hard boot the game?
  17. Bond697

    Bond697 Dies, died, will die.
    is a Researcher Alumnus

    Jun 20, 2010
    no... that's not why i was asking. if you say yes to the cgear from the continue menu, you need to do it between 355 and 360 delay early(~5.95-6.01 seconds) so it's harder to time right.
  18. sandman

    sandman Bum bum bum bum
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    May 11, 2007
    Is there a way to know what your PID frame is? I'm trying to catch a timid Borutorso(thunder genie), and do synchronizers work in this game for roamers?
  19. Kaphotics

    Kaphotics Remodeling Kitchens
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    Apr 25, 2009
    Not yet. The rain will screw with you (the rate it advances the NPID RNG is not yet measured).

    I'd think synchronizers won't work. Roamer generation took a back seat when IV RNG was getting fleshed out. It's still getting looked into at its own pace, and would still need confirmation on a cart.
  20. RotatingAtom


    Sep 24, 2010
    I ask here because this might interest others as well:

    I understand why Non-C-Gear Seeds are easier to hit, but why can't we manipulate them yet? Don't we know the exact formula how they're created, or are they advanced in a different way / with a different formula than the C-Gear Seeds?
    Oh, and once we figure out how to manipulate Non-C-Gear Seeds, we technically don't need the C-Gear-Seeds anymore, right?
  21. ΩDonut

    ΩDonut don't glaze me bro
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    Aug 23, 2006
    For those who aren't following the RNG Research thread... Non C-Gear seeds are pretty heavily encrypted.

    I figured out the encryption a few days ago, but it turns out one of the input numbers changes depending on the system being used. Without getting this number correct it won't be possible to predict non-C-Gear seeds.

    This number is based on the timing of the electronics in the system. So it's going to be different depending on whether you use an original DS, DS Lite, or DSi, possibly the DSi XL. There's a good chance it will also be different if you start up the game with an Action Replay, or run it off a flashcart.

    We are hoping very much that this number stays consistent across the same class of DS models (i.e. if we get the number for one DS Lite, we have the number for all of them).

    You will still need C-Gear seeds to RNG Pokemon that you catch in the Dream World, because you are forced to turn on the C-Gear to enter the High Link.
  22. mattj

    mattj blatant Nintendo fanboy

    Mar 30, 2009
    ?? Really now?

    Do you think there will be something "traceable" about using an AR?
  23. ΩDonut

    ΩDonut don't glaze me bro
    is a Pokemon Researcheris a Programmer Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Aug 23, 2006
    Not unless this causes Pokemon to be generated differently. I doubt it.
  24. sandman

    sandman Bum bum bum bum
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    May 11, 2007
    so is the only conventional way to catch roamers right now is to use non C-Gear seeds? Or if we do want to get C-Gear seeds, do we have to time when we end the conversation with the people inside so that the C-Gear turns on at the right time and then just get lucky with the PID frame?
  25. Bond697

    Bond697 Dies, died, will die.
    is a Researcher Alumnus

    Jun 20, 2010
    the number is different on my dstwo vs. desmume. it was consistent across desmume users though, so hopefully that trend continues.

    is the location of 67452301 different between versions of the game? do i just subtract 0x20 to get the black version? so, 02FE36AC and 02FE368C? i could look myself, but i still haven't seen it so i wouldn't know if i have the location right.

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