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Oct 15, 2017
Aug 28, 2014
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August 10
Under a table.
High Schooler


Male, from Under a table.

http://imgur.com/PnCQWUk Nov 14, 2015

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Oct 15, 2017
    1. Amblood
      barboach is one of the few pokemon
      that automatically give you a follow
      1. Zipzapadam
        barboach is my favorite mon
        Apr 15, 2017
      2. Amblood
        barboach is my favorite ground type
        Apr 15, 2017
    2. Jegoro
    3. Jessilina
      Write something...
    4. To Kill a Chatot
    5. mewfiveeightfive
      Change back to zip :[
    6. Wizardsofdra
      nO mcelligot change back to zip imo
    7. Kie
      Hey man. It's Chaotic btw. :]
    8. Wizardsofdra
      >Zipzapadam is not following you
      I'm sure that was a mistake, right?
    9. Painter Espeon
    10. Flerovium
      Zip, please, "Capital of Serbia" spam was my idea.
      1. Zipzapadam
        ok well "Capital of Kosovo" spam was my idea
        Feb 18, 2016
      2. Flerovium
        Admittedly, yeah.
        Feb 19, 2016
    11. To Kill a Chatot
      To Kill a Chatot

      /フフ     ム`ヽ
       / ノ) /⌒ヽ  ( 丶、
      ゙/ | ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ⌒ノ 丶)
      / ノ⌒ン  ヽー' 、|
      丶_  ノ 。 ノ、 。 ノ
        `ヽ `ー ̄_人`ーi
          丶  ̄ _人'彡ノ
          ノ   ノ ` /
    12. Ace
    13. kevinrocks
      *sees signature*
    14. LinkFromLoZ
      /Get your name changed to Zip Zap A DAM! if real
    15. Zipzapadam
    16. Cynthia612
      Nice Camerupt tbh
    17. Zipzapadam
    18. Zipzapadam
    19. kevinrocks
      happy burbday sry for latelucas
    20. castaways
      HBD Zip! n_n
    21. Painter Espeon
      Painter Espeon
    22. Zipzapadam
      Yo it is my birthday say hi or something
      1. duch n_n
        duch n_n
        Aug 10, 2015
    23. ss1234
      Hi just visiting
      1. Zipzapadam
        Hello just commenting.
        Jul 30, 2015
    24. Jessilina
    25. PyoroLoli
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  • About

    August 10
    Under a table.
    High Schooler
    Real Name:
    Zipzap Adam
    Favorite Pokémon:
    My Characteristic:
    Somewhat of a clown
    3DS Friend Code:
    Ok so I've decided to post a story of my life on PS.

    When I first came onto Pokemon Showdown, it was 2012 and I was just a person who loved Pokemon, and I didn't hang out in any rooms, I was another one of those typical "I like to do Pokemon battles" users, mostly randbats. Eventually I stopped coming onto PS for a couple of months.

    Fast forward to June 16, 2013. I had come onto Pokemon Showdown again, as school had recently ended for me. I got onto the username I currently used, and registered it. During this time, I didn't hang out in much rooms. I was still your typical battler and do nothing. However, come October I had heard about the 2DS, as I didn't have a 3DS yet and I didn't care much about the 3D features, I got it, along with Pokemon X. Then I started to hang out in a room called Wi-Fi. I wanted to win shiny Pokemon and be apart of a community, and I was. (Ask user Latios n.n he was around at this time only in Wi-Fi as well).

    Eventually I had wanted to explore the other rooms on PS, so I started reading their room descriptions. One caught me in particular, 'Learn something new every day!' along with the name of the room, Trivia. I seemed interested and decided to join. I loved this room. I loved it so much I left Wi-Fi for it. I spent all my time in this room. I even left a legacy in this room. There was this joke question, Who is Kairyu? This questioned had been asked so many times, it had gotten banned. So I decided to come up with a question to ask everyday, until it got banned. I loved "What is the capital of..." questions as they were easy to understand and ask. I went onto a random country generator and it gave me the infamous (or famous?) country, Kosovo. Every user who hung out in Trivia during that time, will forever know the capital of Kosovo is Pristina, (I also did this with another country, Serbia which Kosovo broke off from in February 2008). And in case you're wondering, yes, What is the capital of Kosovo is still banned to this day in Trivia, in the script at least :)

    Now whist hanging out in Trivia I had been introduced to a room called Scavengers (Which is now my main room). This room amazed me, it was like Trivia but more organized with official hunts and the script in general! (Fun Fact: I am on the original Scavengers ladder with a total of 1 point!) I loved Scavengers, but not as much as I did Trivia. Once in this time I joined Game Corner, learned a game and left and didn't return for a while.

    Now something smelly was on the horizon. It was called the Trivia Script, and this turned me off from Trivia. I hated it, I could barely get points anymore, and I didn't have as much fun making questions. I had gotten bored, and I decided to leave Trivia, but where did I go? I went back to Wi-Fi, that's where. This isn't much to say about this time on PS, as I also hung out in Scav as well. Until something came about that changed my life on PS.

    I had joined Scavengers, and I had still hung out in Wi-Fi. Now I had hung out in Scavengers a lot more in the past, but I had recently stopped coming to it as often as I would hang out in Wi-Fi more often. May 20th, 2015 - a date that really changed my life on PS. It seemed like a normal day, until #ashiemore said "hey Zip" and I was like hi, then I saw in chat.

    Zipzapadam was promoted to Room Voice by ashiemore.

    I was shocked, and I had no idea why of all users, I was picked to be voice. I mean I did hang out there but I didn't see a reason of me getting voice. I mean, for fucks sake I had 2 points on the ladder. I left Wi-Fi for good this time (unless I return again in the future..?) and stayed in Scavengers. During this time, I had also regularly visiting another room that I mentioned earlier, Game Corner.

    Now there isn't much to say in this part, although I did get voice in Game Corner eventually, on November 6th, 2015. Now I am here today, having fun with all my good friends on Pokemon Showdown, feeling glad I wasted a good half an hour typing this and thinking. I hope somebody actually reads through this and learns many things about me you didn't know.

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